What is The Old Negro Space Program?

It’s a short film I made in 2003. I had the title first. It made me laugh. Then I made the movie, slowly. I figured if it sucked I wouldn’t show it to anyone. It did not suck, so here it is.

This was shown at the HBO Comedy Festival in 2004 (back when it was the Aspen Comedy Festival). And even before that, it helped me get my first tv writing job on Malcolm in the Middle.

Also it was one of the first shorts to “go viral,” and I’m very proud of it. The Old Negro Space Program has been good to me. I hope you enjoy it.



Want to help me out?

Sure I’m a big-time tv writer now. But not that big-time yet. Tell you what. If you really loved the movie, why not get yourself a sweet remembrance of our time together:

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