About Me

Andy Bobrow was born in Detroit, Michigan with ambiguous genitalia.

It was decided that his best shot for happiness would be as a boy. In a tense 72-hour surgery, a makeshift penis was fashioned out of the stray flaps of skin that hung between his legs. His urethra was extended with the help of a shunt through the center of his new penis. His vestigial ovaries were pulled out of his abdomen and placed into a makeshift scrotal sac formed from the tough skin harvested from his elbows.

After a difficult childhood, it was decided that he probably would be happier as a girl instead. In a tense 96-hour surgery, his genitals were completely repurposed. His makeshift scrotum was split open and formed into makeshift labia majora. His testes were returned to their original position. His penis and shunt were removed. And a makeshift clitoris was fashioned out of the tough erectile tissue harvested from his nipples.

About 20 minutes later, everyone agreed the girl thing was a huge mistake. He was rushed back into surgery for a tense 17-minute do-over. A second penis was constructed, not far from the site of his original penis. His urethra was re-shunted to a makeshift peehole near his left hip. His scrotum and clitoris were thrown out. And his ovaries were placed into a ziploc bag which is currently taped to his right thigh.