We’re always looking for ways to serve you better! Help us serve you better by taking a few minutes to help us serve you better! We want to serve you better!


How did you hear about us?





 The Media


Which best describes your annual household income?

 $5,000 - $10,000

 $10,000 - $350,000

 $350,000 and up


What products do you buy in a typical month? List all.

If we had some of those products here, would you consider buying them from us?



Why/Why Not?

What would be a good way for us to convince you to buy something from us? Like what would the headline be?

Would that really do the trick, or are you just humoring us?

 Do Trick

 Just Humoring

Do you know much about marketing?



If no, do you know anyone who does? (list names and phone numbers)

We don\'t have a pen. Could you have them call us?


Do you know of any schools where we could learn more about marketing? (please list)

Night schools would be ok.

How do you perceive our company versus our competitors? In other words, what would you say is the essence of our brand? Ask around and tell us what other people said, too.

Please re-design our website, keeping in mind our specific brand identity, as you defined in the previous question. Include several options.

We\'re not crazy about those. Could you take another stab at it? We\'re kind of in a crunch here.

We\'re thinking of doing a commercial like that one with the talking duck. Would you like that?



But would you remember the product, that\'s the thing?



It\'s a Catch-22, isn\'t it?



How much should we spend on that commercial? Just ballpark it.



 Nah, just kidding you.

(If Yeah) No shit?


 Nah, just fucking with you.

(If Totally) That doesn\'t sound high to you?

 Sure it sounds high, but what are you gonna do?

 I can't believe you bought that.

Your privacy is important to us. In fact, it\'s valuable. Please give us all the private information you can possibly think of. Name, phone number, email, real email, mother\'s maiden name, credit card numbers, the little numbers on the back, all that stuff.

Porn name.

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You will be contacted in a few days to set up a lunch appointment so we can pick your brain a little more. But this is a great start, really.


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